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Supplement's market today

In recent years around 70% of Americans are using food supplements 1 in a global market expected to reach $278 billion by 2024 according to Grand View Research, Inc. In Europe, in countries such Germany, France, UK and Italy we observe massive grow of people using food supplements in recent years. &The food supplements market offers more than 400 products from vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, amino-acid, fish oil to cardiovascular disorders treated, in addition to medicines, with special food supplements 2.
The big pharmaceutical companies also trying to enjoy this market by launching sports nutrition energy drink and we can expect to see more alike products in the next years.

People taking food supplements sometimes ask themselves: Do we need to consume all these food supplements? Do we really need them? Are they good for us? For one thing sure, they cost us a lot!



of american people use food supplements
278 billions of $

278 billions of $

global market value
+ 400 products

+ 400 products

available on market today

Food supplements: what they are and who they really need

Let’s begin with the terminology to make it clear.

Many wrongly refer to them as “Dietary Supplements” or “Nutrition Supplements” (mainly in the US) but they are not!

They are supplements to the food we eat but not food! Thus, we can’t leave only by consuming our body needed substances on food supplements!

Many of the people using food supplement are not aware of the damage they might cause us mainly because it’s not in the interest of the food supplements industry to tell us the truth behind food supplements.

The first group that food supplements may cause damage are people with chronic diseases which take medicine on daily basis. Some of the popular food supplements can contradict (cancel) the effect of the medical treatment causing the patient long and short term damages.
The second group are people who use several food supplement products which can contradict and cancel their effect. In this case it is clear waste of money! and in addition creating lack of the needed substance in our body.
Third group are people who use food supplements but don’t use the correct doses. As a result, no improvement is made by taking it. In this case it’s also waste of money and creating lack of the needed substances in our body which can lead to the development of diseases in the long term.

A new concept based on years of experience

The misuse of food supplements can cause our body irreversible damages and even bring to death in some cases as result of poisoning. When it comes to food supplements it’s a jungle without having a reliable “fit-to me” instructions available.  

In order to avoid the misuse of food supplements Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments brings our years of experience in the German market by launching a brand-new concept to our Italian clients by offering them to get the knowledge of how to consume food supplements safely and to maximize the benefits of taking them.


We will offer seminars by leading professionals to make sure you will get the knowledge of how to use food supplements in a more healthy and safe way.

Selling food supplements are not our main goal! So that’s why we get to it only now. One of the main reasons why food supplements are expensive because there are too many “mediators” in the way. We buy our products directly from the food supplements manufactures and we are not obliged to only one manufacturer and as a result we can offer our clients better price.

We will offer our clients only top manufacturers of food supplements and since we are not food supplements manufacturer we offer our clients the most popular food supplements in Italian market. However, you can always ask us to get you an offer for food supplements which are not listed.

Food supplements and Fatal Diseases

In recent years, medical experts and patients report that the combination of several food supplements show a positive impact on people with fatal diseases such as:

  • Tumors
  • Lung diseases
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Alzheimer's

Our German research company has found that a special "cocktails" of food supplements (mix of specific food supplements) can improve the quality of life of people with certain incurable diseases and decrease or even stop the spread of certain tumors in order to prevent metastasis, including pancreatic cancer that generally can not be cured.

The combination of a company that offer both services of selling high quality food supplements (concluded by scientific research) and give guidance of proper use at the same time is a unique venture to the Italian market but we believe that in this way our clients can enjoy both worlds. Our Italian clients will buy in food supplements in a not-competitive price and use the products wisely as well. Our clients’ health is our first priority!

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any more questions in this connection. We will be happy to hear from you.


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We share our medical findings regarding the effectiveness of “mix of food supplements - cocktail” with the following pharmaceutical companies:

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