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The giant American food supplements company arrived to Europe!

Why Puritan’s Pride?

Niemann Investimenti Farmaceutici brings you vitamins, minerals and food supplements of top American quality    brand – Puritan’s Pride, at the lowest price in Italy and EU directly from the manufacturer in a speedy delivery.

Puritan’s Pride is reliable and well-known brand around the world due to the uncompromised strictness of quality control along the manufacturing process.

Quality of raw material – using only ingredients that stand strict quality requirements and ‘Good manufacturing  practices’ (GMP).

Advanced manufacturing technologies – using the newest technologies of manufacturing and development at several advanced manufacturing sites across the US.

Strictly quality control procedures – all Puritan´s Pride products undergo tests and severely quality control checkups, in order to assure optimized performance, quality and safety.

Newest packaging technologies – Puritan’s Pride is using the newest packaging technologies, allowing strictly  packaging that keep the freshness and quality of the food supplements.

Not competitive prices – at international level – Puritan’s Pride brand keeps an internationally not competitive prices due to the direct selling from the manufacturer to the buyer through our website without any extra costs.

100% quality

Due to the not competitive price together with uncompromised quality of our brand products, Puritan’s Pride became along the years the leading brand in terms of ‘cost-benefits’ and value to customer.

We share our medical findings regarding the effectiveness of “mix of food supplements - cocktail” with the following pharmaceutical companies:

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