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Discount codes are codes that give you immediate additional discounts on Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments.

But beware: all discount codes have a limited time validity: do not wait for them to expire!

How to use the Discount Codes

Using discounts on Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments website is very simple:
1. Log in to the site
2. Make your usual shopping on Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments by adding products to your cart
3. Go to the cart page, and in the "Discount Code" field, highlighted by the image you see below, enter the discount code you want to use for the purchase

discount code

4. Click on "SAVE" and you will have applied the additional discount!
5. Then you can continue and complete the order


• discount codes can not be combined with other offers on the site
• the products on offer marked with a green color are not discounted

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