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Integratori alimentari: Perchè?

Food Supplements – Why?

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Since the late 1980s the market of food supplements has been growing increasingly. Today, hundreds of thousands of people use food supplements for various reasons.

In general, most consumers use them to supplement vitamins and/or minerals deficiency, as well as to maintain themselves in good health.


For several years now, Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments, in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, has become a pioneer in the field of supplements, whose use is intended as "complementary medicine" for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases.

Results from research studies carried out on patients of the Charité - Universtätsmedizin in Berlin, show that the use of a mix of food supplements (“Cocktail”) can lead to a significant regression of some chronic and acute diseases, such as tumors, Alzheimer's disease, etc.

On the whole, 3 major groups of people who use food supplement on daily basis can be identified:

  1. Professional athletes
  2. People who suffers from chronic and acute diseases
  3. People aged 35-40

The following paragraphs describe the characteristics of food supplements intake for each group:

Professional athletes

In the last decade, professional athletes (footballers, Olympic athletes, etc.) have started to replace the chemical substances usually used to increase their physical performance with food supplements (“Cocktail”) not prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The outcome is almost the same in terms of increased performance, on the one hand, and maintenance of the body's health (especially the joints and internal organs such as liver, kidney and heart), on the other hand.

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments offers medical advice, based on clinical research, provided by food supplements experts which aims at replacing illegal substances with a mix of food supplements, in order to obtain almost identical results.

For example, Octopamine (a stimulant substance that acts on the nervous system) is one of the most "popular" illegal substances widely used by professional athletes. This can be substituted with a “Cocktail” of food supplements making athletes obtain the same results.

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The use of food supplements in sport opens up a new era for professional athletes who can increase their performance and protect their bodies by using allowed substances.

It is also important to stress that people who train in the gym every day must take food supplements to protect their body for as long as possible, especially the joints (cartilage).

We have found that many people who train with heavy weights damage their joints unknowingly and, as a result, do nothing to protect themselves. Pain and subsequent damage to the joints are just a matter of time. Research has shown that 6 out of 10 people who train every day in the gym with heavy loads, without using any protection for the joints, will develop joint problems within 5-10 years.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use food supplements (such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM) as a prevention for future joint problems.

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments organizes several "professional sport seminars" yearly in the main European cities. These seminars are specially addressed to trainers, athletes, team managers, etc. who wish to acquire knowledge on the use of food supplements in sport and to keep abreast of the prohibitive substances found in legal substances, that represents a very important problem.

All seminars are held by expert members of WADA. In 2018, 4 "sold out" seminars were organized in Rome and Milan, addressed to expert medical professionals, trainers and athletes.

For more information on places e dates, you can consult our webpage.

People who suffers from chronic and acute diseases

Most patients with chronic and acute diseases use food supplements to preserve their current medical conditions, and/or to supplement vitamin/mineral deficiencies, but not as part of a treatment to "fight" the disease.

Chronic and acute diseases are mostly genetic in nature and may arise from the imbalance of vitamins, minerals and hormones levels in our body. Recovering this balance, by finding the right food supplements combination and doses, can lead to the regression of some chronic and acute diseases.

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Over the last 5 years we have been conducting clinical experiments at the Charité – Universtätsmedizin in Berlin with patients suffering from chronic and acute diseases (some types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, coronary diseases, rheumatic diseases, etc.) using a “Cocktail” of food supplements (a mixture of specific food supplements at certain doses). The results were promising with a regression between 40% and 70% (depending on the disease) in patients treated with this “Cocktail”.

It is very important to underline that the treatment with food supplements is part of a "comprehensive medicine" concept, which is part of conventional medicine and does not replace it.

The “Cocktail” of food supplements, administered within such "comprehensive medicine", opens up new prospects on the use of food supplements in medicine and has an incredible effect on patients with chronic diseases.

It is also very important to remember that, since patients with chronic diseases take different drugs, the intake of food supplements can interact with them.

In some cases, a drug prescribed for a chronic disease can cause vitamin deficiency, such as drugs for diabetes (metformin) and pyrosis (Omeprazole) can cause vitamin B12 deficiency.

Hence, it is advisable to consult a food supplements expert who will examine the right combination of medications and food supplements to be taken.

Because our “Cocktail” treatment is included in an ongoing clinical research, we can offer the service to just a few patients, depending on the degree of their illness. Please, contact us for further information.

People aged 35-40

It is well known that people aged between 35 and 40 have difficulty absorbing the vitamins and minerals taken with food, as part of the body's growth process.

Therefore, intake of supplements of vitamins and minerals can compensate such malabsorption. Patients with chronic diseases should not run the risk to lack of vitamin and mineral as this could worsen their medical conditions.

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Furthermore, people aged over 35-40 years who do not suffer from any chronic illness are recommended to take food supplements (vitamins and minerals) as the deficiency accumulates over the years. Research has shown that those who do not use food supplements to preserve vitamin and mineral levels are more likely to develop chronic diseases between the age of 45 and 55.

The most common phrase said from people over the age of 35 is "we feel great ... so why taking food supplements?" This is the illusion! Indeed, today we feel very good (and this is excellent) but at the same time we are starting to develop a possible future chronic disease due to the lack of vitamins and minerals. To avoid the onset of chronic diseases, it is important to start using food supplements (vitamins and minerals) as early as age 35. In addition, the intake of vitamins and minerals is almost mandatory in people with genetic familiarity for chronic and acute diseases, as a sort of prevention.

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments is currently carrying out a clinical research to produce a “Cocktail” of supplements useful to prevent the onset of some chronic and acute diseases in people with a genetic background.

Our company organizes seminars on the correct use of food supplements in the major European cities, which can be booked on our website.

Which food supplements brand to use?

Some food supplements consumers claim that they see no medical improvement even after consuming food supplements for several weeks and even months. The question is why?!?

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There are several reasons:

  1. Vitamin deficiency in our body due to certain diseases. In this case, it’s advisable perform clinical exams to ascertain the cause.
  2. Interaction and absorption - We have discovered that food supplements can interact and cancel the effect of some drugs (e.g. vitamin D and drugs to reduce blood cholesterol levels). Furthermore, the administration of different food supplements can cause absorption problems (e.g. iron and zinc).
  3. Type of food – Some food may reduce absorption of supplements (e.g. fizzy soft drinks or drinks with caffeine vs. calcium, drinks with caffeine or theine vs. iron, phosphorus-rich dairy products, such as yoghurt and milk at 1% vs. calcium).
  4. Low quality food supplements - Unfortunately, around 70%-80% of food supplements sold in Western and Central Europe are produced outside the EU. Most of them are imported into Europe by various local companies/distributors who put their labels on the products and sell them as their own. Tests carried out by our laboratories in Germany on a number of food supplements show that around 80 % of the products sold in Europe are of low quality (not pure, mixed with other substances). Only 20% of the tested food supplements were of high quality. Low quality products mean: no results and waste of money and time. In some cases, low quality products can cause problems to our organism as additives can lead to allergic reactions or even poisoning.

Consequently, our recommendation is to purchase food supplements where the manufacturer's name, address and website are clearly printed on the label (not to be confused with the distributor's data,

which is quite different). To be sure and get high quality products, it is always recommended to buy food supplements from a manufacturer that has labeled their products.

Based on our research, we offer our customers food supplements produced by the American company "Puritan's Pride". All products have been clinically tested and are of high quality and reasonable prices. Consult our website for more information on each product.

For more information on the intake of food supplements and their use, please call 39 2030 3791 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We share our medical findings regarding the effectiveness of “mix of food supplements - cocktail” with the following pharmaceutical companies:

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