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3 Meals Diet: Eating rich protein breakfast and lose weight

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A new study refutes the myth of the six meals needed for weight loss. The correct formula for slimming: large breakfast, medium size lunch and light supper.

Forget what they told you about diets. A new study published recently showed that three meals a day are the best method for weight loss and to lower blood sugar.


Up to now, the usual recommendations for diabetics were to eat six meals a day: three large meals and three small meals. But in recent years doctors have noticed that despite the recommendations, patients do not lose weight.


Less meals per day – lowering the weight and glucose levels

At the conference a review of 10 studies from recent years were presented and found that diabetics - men and women of different ages - who changed their diet from six meals per day to three meals only, lost weight and their glucose level dropped.

In one study, the patients ate a large full breakfast, a medium size lunch and a light supper, lose an average weight of 5.8 kg of their body weight relative to the group of patients who continued to eat six meals per day and gained an average weight of half a kilogram.

The researchers recommend having breakfast that contains mostly proteins such as eggs, tuna, cheese and milk. "These foods suppress appetite and can make a person feel full for hours," explained Professor Julio Weinstein, director of the diabetes department at Wolfson Hospital.

The study was carried out in patients, but Professor Weinstein noted: "We believe the conclusions are correct for populations not suffering from diabetes, but further studies are needed to determine this unequivocally."

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments research team adds that as far as for the recommendation for “having breakfast contains mostly proteins such as eggs, tuna, cheese and milk” it will be better to consume tuna in water - not in oil - as the oil prevents the ingredients found in tuna such as protein, amino acid, minerals and vitamins to absorb in the body and due to the low quality of oil in the food industry.

In addition, people with high cholesterol it’s recommended for them to consume low-fat dairy products (cheese/milk up to 5% fat) and to limit the consuming of eggs to 2-3 per week.  

We share our medical findings regarding the effectiveness of “mix of food supplements - cocktail” with the following pharmaceutical companies:

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