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Photographs of the products and descriptions

On the site the photographs and descriptions are always for example, so they are possible variations, updates of the graphics and the ingredients of the product, decided by the producer at the last moment. Texts and photos may not exactly match the original when it is not possible to find a recently updated photo or description. Select the product based on the characteristics and the name of the same, that will be sent to you. For any doubt, we invite you to consult and clarify everything directly with our customer service.

Notes and practical advice

It is essential to fill in the shipping form indicating exactly the name of the person receiving the goods and the address in a univocal way, in addition to other data such as telephones and e-mails, in case of doubt, errors or uncertainty we will contact you before to ship the goods. Although it is possible to leave general directions to the courier, it is not said that the latter performs exactly what described, this fact depends on the route that the driver has in that specific area, you can then give directions, but there is no guarantee that the courier services, calls, calls, scheduled times are extra services, optional that the area courier decides after calling on your part. (We do not accept notes made on systems outside Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments, such as Paypal).

The courier delivers approximately from 9:00 to 18:00, be careful to make them available or the order will be placed by the courier in storage and must be unlocked by the customer after he will not be found at home for twice in a row. A parcel can also be put in storage due to lack of cash at the time of withdrawal or by refusal without knowing it from a relative, pay attention. Contact our staff for any doubt, together we will solve every possible request.

By confirming the order we accept all the rules of our site in full, so we assume the responsibility to check and verify the arrival of your shipment or you can incur in the case of non-collection in the consequent costs to be reimbursed.

Products are Tax-free for all countries except the Republic of Moldova (20% tax will be added) due to accounting regulations.

All selling and shipping of products are carried out by ‘Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments SRL – Moldova’ (IDNO: 1018602000291)

We share our medical findings regarding the effectiveness of “mix of food supplements - cocktail” with the following pharmaceutical companies:

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