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One-to-One Dottor Jan Niemann

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments

Niemann Pharmaceutical Investments offers our club members the newest “1 on 1” special and unique service in Italy of getting private consultation with our German medical expert regarding the uses of food supplement with or without medicines.

Every year hundreds of thousands of patients, all over the world, are not improving their medical although taking their prescribed medicines and using expensive food supplements.

domanda integratori

The question is: Why?





One-to-One Jan Niemann

The main reason for this is that the food supplements they take simply contradict some of the medicines they take on the same time. In some cases, this may cause even to death as a result

On the other hand, even when there is no contradiction between the medicines and food supplements, patients don’t take the correct doses of food supplements (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants and etc.) in order to get them absorb in the right amount in our body. The outcome is that the use of food supplements doesn’t “work” due to misuse of the products.

During “1 on 1” appointment our expert will review the medical background of our member and recommend about the optimized use of food supplements. In that way you will be sure that you will not hurting your body and get the most out of the food supplements.

Food supplements and fatal diseases

In recent years, medical experts and patients report that the combination of different food supplements has a positive impact on people with fatal diseases such as:

Our German research company has found that certain special "cocktails" of food supplements (mix of specific food supplements) can improve the quality of life of people with certain incurable diseases and decrease or stop the spread of certain tumors to prevent metastasis body, including pancreatic cancer that can not be cured.

If you have one of these diseases, do not hesitate to schedule a meeting today with one of our experts available in Italy to discuss an optional treatment for your illness, based on our cocktail of special nutritional supplements.

The service is personal and takes place at one of our locations nation-wide, face to face, without assistants or collaborators, because we respect your PRIVACY.

We offer limited number of “1 on 1” appointments as it is a unique service provided by German medical experts travelling especially to Italy!

You can schedule “1 on 1” appointment by email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information do not hesitate to call us or email us.

We share our medical findings regarding the effectiveness of “mix of food supplements - cocktail” with the following pharmaceutical companies:

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